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Registration Date 2 Nov 2015


Automotive Oil Additives

Oil Additive


Manufacturer Asserted


C Nanoparticle /Nanopowder CAS Number : 7782-40-3


Cures micro- and nano-defects on a surface and leads to the atomic roughness; Impregnates metallic surfaces, increases their hardness and wear resistance; Improves the motor: decreases dry friction by keeping a thin oil layer on the motor surfaces also at higher loads; Nanographite particles work as eco-friendly dry lubricant and reduces friction and wear. Efficiency of ADDO remains for many tens of thousands kilometers, also after an oil change; ADDO reinforces surfaces of the motor; Eco-, catalyzer- and engine friendly – ADDO contains only carbon, and does not contain metals, sulfides and other harmful substances; NanoDiamonds adsorb ionic and molecular products of abrasion, so that the rubbing surface remains clean.
Environmentally Friendly Abrasion Resistance Wear Resistance Friction Resistance Hardness Energy Consumption Reduction

Manufacturer's Description

A new concept of reduction of friction and wear through the use of nanotechnology is realized in ADDO®: nanodiamonds with the size of 1/10000 of the diameter of a human hair perform a super-finish polishing of the inner surfaces of a motor. Diamond, the world's hardest material, gets integrated into the top layer of friction surfaces and hardens them. And finally, nanodiamonds, which have affinity to hydrophobic oil molecules, bind those to the friction surfaces, providing a permanent lubricating film, which is stable also at high loads and during the cold start. All these factors guarantee the reduction of fuel consumption and wear, increase of the compression and increased lifetime of the engine.