Registration Date 8 Nov 2016

Nanocrystalline efficient nano penetration wafer

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1, efficiency and security: human epidermal cell gap is one-tenth the diameter of the hair, skin and contact point nanometer wafer compared thousandth the thickness of hair, 100 times smaller than the skin gap diameter of only 100 nanometers; 2, high incognito: 3 seconds to get through the skin pores, 15 minutes to complete the facial, 20 minutes after the pores closed; 3, high-tech physical penetration: the use of nano-skin contact points, and instantly penetrate human skin stratum corneum, open hundreds of channels in the epidermis administered several square millimeters, and more than 10-fold increase absorption of the drug. Fast-acting drug, and balanced, long-term release to avoid the penetration of chemical irritation of the skin; 4, easy to use: small size, can carry the risk of infection to prevent hand contact with the skin, and easy to operate. Equivalent to one minute of hand-slapping in the face 3400 times.