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Registration Date 30 Apr 2017


Electronics Sensor


Manufacturer's Description

"Carsem's MLP (Micro Leadframe Package) is a family of JEDEC compliant QFN and DFN plastic packages. This near CSP package family is available in two versions. 
The primary package offering is a sawn package. This is offered in a quad configuration (MLPQ) and a dual configuration (MLPD). Standard body sizes are available from 0.6x0.3 to 12x12. Specialized and custom body sizes are also available on 0.1mm body size increments. These packages are offered in a variety of package thickness profiles.(A complete list of open tool leadframe configuration and lead count is available upon request.) 
Mechanically Singulated (Punched) package are also available. Carsem has tooled various package sizes for this package that are footprint compatible to some of the more popular sawn configurations. These packages are only available in a 1.00 max package thickness profile. 
MLP's typically have an exposed die attach pad for improved thermal performance. However, we also offer non-exposed pad options for COL (Chip On Lead), FCOL™ and other special applications. Custom versions with leads fused to the die paddle and multi-die attach pads can also be provided. A full range of turnkey test solutions and services are available for this package family."