Registration Date 17 Jun 2017

CORECEM - flowable hybrid composite dual-cure

Medicine Dentistry

Restorative Material


Manufacturer Asserted

Ytterbium trifluoride

YbF3 Nanoparticle /Nanopowder CAS Number : 13760-80-0


Ideal for grouting any fiber posts Easy to use, aesthetically pleasing Durable as dentin One resin, two appointments Very high radiopacity ideal viscosity insoluble radio-opacity The composition CORECEMTM includes nano-particles ytterbium trifluoride dispersed in a resin matrix, with no bubbles. With this CORECEMTM exhibits higher radiopacity as compared to other cements and composites, which facilitates diagnosis. This property is very important, if ever need to remove the pin. On the left is represented by numerical comparison obtained by standard testing radiopaque composites (ISO # 4049).
Durability Radiopaque Flowability

Manufacturer's Description

CORECEM TM is a flowable dual-cure composite hybrid, intended for cementing fiber pins and the residual capacity (with or without the pin). Using the same material for both steps saves time and materials, eliminating one adhesive boundary layer that ultimately contributes to creating a lasting "candy bar". CORECEM TM represented VITA shade A1 ® and has the necessary mechanical properties and increased radiopacity (ISO # 4049).