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Ca Nanoparticle /Nanopowder CAS Number : 7440-70-2


The NFT ® NTRA ® Colloidal Synergy of NUBIOTEK ® ULTRA Ca effectively helps the crop in general tolerate different scenarios of climatic stress, aggressive presence of pests or diseases with great performance.

Plant Growth Regulation Nutritional Plant Growth Acceleration

Manufacturer's Description

NUBIOTEK ® ULTRA Ca is an Enantiomorphic Amiphyloid Coloid ® that allows the Calcium element to penetrate quickly and effectively into the interior of the plant. Its design, based on the natural bio synergy of the plant, allows it to assimilate and translocate at all times, helping to strengthen various essential structures such as roots, stems, leaves, flowers and fruits of the crop. 


The colloids amphiphilic enantiomorphic ® of NUBIOTEK ®  are the concept of plant nutrition most advanced of its kind agricultural overproduction, as they have a number of features that make them more compatible with the nature of plants and ecosystems that surround them .


The colloid is a matter very similar to a gel. By having this physical and chemical peculiarity, it can contain in an orderly manner the nutrients or a combination of several of them in a logical way, to penetrate the plant with great natural compatibility.


The amfifilia allows our colloids, unlike others, to have the capacity to capture water, combine it with the active nutrients and later release them as the plant demands them in the quantum time spaces, obeying the vital nature of the plant, its homodytasia and homostasia.


The enantiomorphic capacity of our colloids is incomparable because, since they do not have a defined and rigid structure, they have the capacity to physically adapt to the shape of the roots and leaves in which they are applied. In this way they expand achieving a greater coverage in the root area and in the foliar surface.


These three physico-chemical characteristics allow Colloids amphiphilic enantiomorphic ® of NUBIOTEK ® are the only ones on the market that approach, at nanoscale and fentométricos spaces, nutrients to cell membranes of plants, so the plant does not require of an extra and unnecessary energy expenditure to assimilate the nutrients. It does not need constant applications in quantity because they are 100% assimilable and the water they collect is contained in the colloidal bag, preventing it from evaporating, dripping or leaking.