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Episil® oral liquid


Medicine Tissue Engineering

Topical bioadhesive


Manufacturer Asserted

Lipid Colloidal



Tissue engineering Biological surfaces adhesion


• Strong adhesion and retention at biological surfaces • Protects sensitive tissue • Relieves topical pain • High solubilizing capacity for active ingredients • Extended local or systemic release of pharmaceutical substances • Good local tolerability • Manufacturing by standard processes

Local tolerability

Manufacturer's Description

episil® oral liquid is a medical device for treatment of inflammatory and painful conditions in the oral cavity. The product provides fast pain relief and protection of sore and inflamed mucosal surfaces, as well as severe inflammation caused by e.g. oral mucositis, a common and serious side effect of cancer treatment. In contact with the buccal membrane, episil® transforms into a thin protective layer of gel, offering effective pain relief for up to 8 hours. episil® oral liquid is based on Camurus’ FluidCrystal® topical bioadhesive technology.

Oral pain associated with inflammation of the inside lining of the mouth is often a serious side effect of cancer treatments (radiation and chemotherapy). This oral condition is called oral mucositis (OM) and causes redness, mouth ulcers and sores that can be very painful and distressing. Oral pain can make it difficult to eat, drink, and even speak, affecting patients’ quality of life and their social and emotional well-being (Ref. 6).

FluidCrystal® topical bioadhesive is a liquid product that forms a bioadhesive film when applied to body tissues. The film acts as an invisible patch, slowly and accurately releasing the active ingredient for the treatment, systemically or locally. It also acts as a protective barrier for sensitive and inflamed tissues. The bioadhesive formulation is suitable for the prolonged local release of active ingredients on the skin and on the mucous membranes of for example the mouth, nose, and throat.

The formulation is applied topically as a low-viscosity liquid. It then spreads, absorbing minute amounts of water and transforming into a thin bioadhesive liquid crystalline film. FluidCrystal® topical bioadhesive products can be administered using metered dose pumps, tubes, and other primary packaging forms for liquids.

The commercially available product episil® is based on the FluidCrystal®topical bioadhesive technology.