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Registration Date 17 May 2019
Revision Date 17 May 2019

PCI Nanocret® FC


Construction Masonry Materials

Concrete Additive


For indoor and outdoor use. For wall and overhead application. For repair of honeycombs, filling of voids. For resurfacing brickwork and render. As fairing coat on concrete, fair-faced concrete and aerated concrete. For levelling irregular wall surfaces prior to laying tiles and flagstones. As levelling compound in swimming pools. Fairing coat after concrete repair with PCI Peciment 50 at vertical fair-faced concrete surfaces not exposed to foot traffic in civil engineering and bridge construction to ZTV-ING for PCC II application: surfaces not exposed to vehicular traffic and subject to dynamical loads (e.g. bridge soffits). As fairing coat for OS 4 or OS 5a coatings in accordance with DAfStb. For layer thickness from 1 to 10 mm.
Concrete Walls Concrete pools


Low shrinkage during the curing phase. Waterproof, resistant to weather conditions and frost, multi-purpose use indoors and out. Creamy and workable consistency after adding water, easy to apply. Fast setting, however processing time approx. 45 minutes. Fine-grained surface, therefore no need to paint over. Mechanical and manual application. Tested to DAfStb guideline "Protection and repair of concrete elements".

Frost Protection Waterproof Weather Resistance

Manufacturer's Description

Fibre reinforced concrete fairing coat for wall and overhead application.