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ReNu CANINE – Pet Aid CBD Hemp Oil


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Dogs and cats
Prevention of Chemotherapy Induced Nausea and Vomiting (CINV) Pets Chronic pain


PAIN RELIEF AND RENEWAL - Known to alleviate and lower risks for an array of ailments, ReNu's Hemp oil is perfectly formulated for decreasing anxiety, inflammation, soothing chronic pain, and improving sleep. Human-friendly formula aids in separation anxiety, anti-convulsant, can help slow cancer cell growth, as well as aid in controlling nausea, appetite stimulus among other known benefits. ReNu is trusted, reliable, and uses only top quality Colorado derived hemp. All grown and nano-emulsified right here in the USA LONG LASTING, IMMEDIATE EFFECT - Our nano-emulsification technology ensures maximum absorption by reducing the hemp molecules down to the absolute smallest size for maximum absorption. This method results in faster absorption rates along with 80% more total absorption

Anti-cancer Pain Management Healthy Mood Anti-convulsant

Manufacturer's Description

Pups are people too. They are our best friends with whom we want to share our healthy lifestyle. CANINE is the same human-friendly formula of straight CBD oil but slightly diluted for dog-friendly doses. It helps with ailments like anxiety. It is an anti-convulsant, slows cancer cell growth, as well as aids in controlling nausea, vomiting and can act as an appetite stimulus among other known benefits.