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Guardian G-Volt


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Respiratory Mask


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C Graphene CAS Number : 7782-42-5


Coronavirus COVID-19


1) Graphene material naturally resists bacteria. Bacteria DO NOT multiply on its surface 2) A laser-induced graphene filter has been tested to be extremely effective at stopping 99% of particles above 0.3 microns and 80% of particles smaller than 0.3 % microns. For comparison, an N95 mask is just 95% effective. With a filter system developed by scientific teams at Rice University and Ben Gurion University, this mask offers unmatched protection. 3) By applying a low-level charge through a built-in USB port, the mask deters particles that are trapped in the graphene filter. This offers a mobile, portable option used with any simple power bank. 4) The mask can be sterilized with heat through the same USB port.

Anti-bacterial Activity Self-sterilizing Antiviral Reusable Virus-killing

Manufacturer's Description

LIGC Applications has developed the Guardian G-Volt, a face mask with a graphene filtration system that can be sterilised and safely re-used.

With its graphene filtration system the Guardian G-Volt is 99 per cent effective against particles over 0.3 micrometers, and 80 per cent effective against anything smaller, claims LIGC Applications.

For comparison, a N95 respirator mask blocks 95 per cent of particles over 0.3 micrometers. Viruses such as coronavirus can be transmitted through tiny droplets of water.

A low level electrical charge will pass through Guardian G-Volt when it is plugged into a portable battery pack via a USB port. This charge would repel any particles trapped in the graphene mask.

At home, a docking system will allow the mask to be fully sterilised so it can be worn again.

With coronavirus outbreaks around the world, the effectiveness of N95 respirator masks has been called into question. Once these masks become damp, they must be disposed of and replaced.

The World Health Organisation (WHO) currently advises only those who are directly in contact with coronavirus patients and people who have a cough wear the mask. Masks can protect against inhaling the virus via the nose and mouth, but it can still be caught through the eyes. Regular hand washing is the most effective defence against coronavirus.

Graphene – an atom-thick material that has a range of impressive characteristics – is naturally antibacterial, so the Guardian G-Volt can also protect the wearer from bacteria. Antibiotic-resistant bacteria also poses an increasing threat to populations.

The graphene in the mask is a kind called laser-induced graphene, a microporous conductive foam that can trap bacteria and conduct the electricity needed to sterilise the mask's surface. It can then be heated and sterilised in the at-home dock. Wearing the mask can also protect against breathing in air pollution.

A LED light alerts the user when the mask needs to be replaced. LIGC Applications will manufacture the laser-induced graphene filters and the masks in Belgium.

This product is currently awaiting crowdfunding to be marketed.