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Registration Date 1 Jan 2014

SurfaPore® M


Construction Masonry Materials

Anti-stain Solution


Nanotechnology for Oil, Water, and Stain protection for marbles, granites or porous surfaces such as stones and cement Highly versatile as it effectively modifies low porocity surfaces (like marble or granites) and high porocity surfaces (like cement or stones). Deep surface penetration and effectiveness. Retains functionality up to 350C, making it ideal for application on kitchen tops or other surfaces where hot objects are placed. Does not change the natural appearance and does not turn yellowish.
Marbles Granite Stone Cement


1. Most Effective & Nano Based 2. High Breathability 3. Not Film Forming, Invisible 4. Long Lasting & UV Resistant 5. Easy Application 6. Withstands up to 350oC 7. Water based 8. Environmentally friendly 9. Cost Effective

UV Protection Durability Environmentally Friendly Easy to Apply Cost Effective Deep Surface Penetration Breathability Invisibility

Manufacturer's Description

Microscopic analysis of marbles, granite and stone surfaces reveals multiple interconnected pores that readily collect stains, resulting in loss of shine and natural appearance. SurfaPore M coats the pores of your valuable surfaces, without changing their appearance and enables them to actively repel oil based stains. Therefore, a dual effect is achieved: Passive protection by dressing the surface of pores and active oil repellency.