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NanoConcept ® Lacquer Fit Sealing


Automotive Maintenance

Paint Sealant


Cars • Trucks • Motorcycles • Scooters • Boats • almost all painted surfaces
Boats Truck Car Motorcycle Painted surfaces Scooter


• Resistant to chemicals • Protection against brushes from car washes, environmental influences, alkalis, UV radiation and road salt • Brilliant shine & maximum smoothness • Easy to use & fastest processing time

UV Protection Alkali Resistance Long-term Effective Acid Resistance Chemical resistance Highly glossy Super smooth Road salt resistance

Manufacturer's Description

NanoConcept ® Lacquer Fit Sealing ensures the greatest possible value retention and leads to optimal protection and an impressive appearance of your lacquer. Stimulating gloss substances give the paint a velvety, brilliant shine. The lacquer seal bonds firmly to the lacquer and forms an extremely smooth, high-gloss, permanent protective layer on the basis of innovative reactive substances. This protects against environmental influences such as UV radiation, exhaust gases, acid rain, sun or road salt in the long term.
Sealed vehicles clearly stand out visually from other vehicles, the easy-to-clean effect of the paint seal is unparalleled in terms of renewed contamination. Bugs, droppings and similar buildup can be removed much easier. The stability of this seal is approx. 12 months and its properties can be delayed considerably by subsequent use of the NCC Shampoo Fit . This hand washing should be done at continuous intervals.