Registration Date 11 May 2021
Revision Date 11 May 2021



Petroleum Oils and Lubricants



Manufacturer Asserted


C Graphene CAS Number : 7782-42-5


Friction Modifier Oxidation Inhibitor Tribochemical Action Thermal Conductivity Anti – Rust Properties Temperature Resistance ENERGY SAVINGS EMISSION SAVINGS Asset Longevity Friction Reduction Lower Maintenance Increased Heat Dissipation Lower Operating Temperature

Energy saving Temperature resistance Thermal Conductivity Wear Resistance Friction reduction Anti-oxidant Long life Anti-rust

Manufacturer's Description

LUBRICANT is a concentrate of GMG Graphene and lubricating oil (1%) that is designed for ENERGY SAVINGS and EMISSION SAVINGS and wear prevention. The concentrate can be added to an existing fully formulated lubricant or can be tailored by Graphene Manufacturing Group as an addition to the clients’ choice of fluid.

G™ LUBRICANT protects the friction surfaces and reduces the friction coefficient by forming a protective layer between metal interfaces.

Due to GMG’s unique proprietary graphene manufacturing process GMG Graphene’s purity, platelet size, number of layers and structure are dispersible within formulated lubricants and base oils. It has performance and functionality superior to other graphene’s and friction modifiers.

LUBRICANT will not block filters, degrade, coagulate, lose stability or lower existing lubricants performance.

LUBRICANT is powered by GMG Graphene’s high tensile strength, chemical stability, high melting point, and its low shear resistance enhancements.

LUBRICANT’s rich black colour evokes revolutionary, premium, power, elegance, protection, sophisticated, certainty, serious and dramatic performance enhancement elements for marketing creativity at nanotechnology level. It is then further diluted to a recommended concentration of 0.01% in a fully formulated lubricant.