Registration Date 22 May 2021
Revision Date 22 May 2021

Nanorespirator SPURTEX® V100 FFP2 NR


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Respiratory Mask


Coronavirus COVID-19


Unused FFP2 nano-respirators can be stored for 5 years Filtration efficiency of nanostructured membrane 98.5% Without exhalation valve Simple and practical attachment to rubber bands Easy breathing due to low pressure resistance Formable tape in the nose area Nature-friendly material

Anti-bacterial Activity Environmentally Friendly Breathability Antiviral Antismog Allergens removal

Manufacturer's Description

The   SPURTEX® nano respirator has a proven capture of 98.5% for submicron particles, including virus-sized particles . The nano respirator  is suitable for all those who need a higher degree of protection (medical staff, chronically ill, risk groups, allergy sufferers and asthmatics) than is provided by a regular veil. Nanofiber  respirators are disposable and have a reinforced flexible edge that easily adapts to any face shape. Spur nanofiber respirators are disposable, they contain nanofiber filter and serve for professional protection against viruses, bacteria as well as smog and allergens. When filtering the smallest particles (viruses), the used nanomaterial was shown to have a filtration capacity of 98.5%, which meets FFP2.

The nanofiber  is 1000 times thinner than human hair and is invisible to the naked eye. In the Czech Republic, we are experts in nanofibers, and as the first in the world in 2004, an apparatus for the industrial production of nanofibers was developed in Liberec. Most manufacturers today use meltblown technology for the production of nanofibers , but the Czech company Spur produces nanofibers using electrospinning, thanks to which they are able to make fibers much thinner and achieve the highest filtration capabilities.    

The nanofibers are spun by a nanofiber membrane, which can be imagined as a very dense network or filter. The holes in this filter are so small that an air molecule passes through them, but not a bacterium, virus or allergen. The nanofiber membrane has a tested capture of submicron particles  (10  - 400 nm) and is therefore ideal for the capture of various bacteria and viruses  ( SARS-CoV- 2 virus has a reported real     size from 80 to 150 nm ).