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HeliaSol can be glued to various surfaces, such as metal, concrete, membranes, glass, bitumen, and other surfaces on request: Easily glued to various materials Metal Concrete Membranes Glass Bitumen
Concrete Glass Bitumen Metallic surfaces


HeliaSol has a very low total weight of less than 2 kg per square metre due to the special layer structure of the solar film, which consists of plastic films and the very thin organic photovoltaic layer. By comparison: conventional solar modules weigh approx. 15-20 kg per square metre, and often have a metal substructure. The low weight of HeliaSol not only offers advantages with regard to use on surfaces with low static load-bearing capacity, but also installation, transport and delivery are easy to manage. A box of 24 films, rolled up and packed in a space-saving arrangement, weighs just over 40 kg and can be carried by two people. You can bend HeliaSol vertically and horizontally up to a radius of 20 cm. (Please do not bend in two directions simultaneously). This allows you to harness round roof shapes or curved surfaces for green power generation in a way that was not possible in the past. The organic layer of our solar film is only a few hundred nanometres thick. HeliaSol as a finished product is less than 2 mm thick, and less than 2 cm at the junction box. As a result, the solar surface is perfectly integrated into the application surface without changing its shape or thickness. HeliaSol is a product with which you can generate 100 percent clean solar electricity. But it is much more than that. HeliaSol is a truly green product and is based on the greenest of all solar technologies, making it one of the cleanest electricity generating technologies.

Flexibility Environmentally Friendly Lightweight Ultra-thin

Manufacturer's Description

HeliaSol transforms buildings into clean solar power plants for green electricity generation. This ready-to-use solution can be used on various building surfaces. The solar film has an integrated backside adhesive, which means that it can be easily glued on the surface and can be connected and used immediately due to the integrated connection cables.

HeliaSol is the perfect solution for retrofitting buildings where restrictions in terms of weight, static load restrictions or penetration of the roof material play a role. Elaborate substructures that penetrate the roof or rear ventilation for cooling are not required. HeliaSol can be used to produce clean solar electricity on roofs or façades which normally do not allow PV solutions.