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LumaClean™ Multipurpose


Construction Masonry Materials



Manufacturer Asserted

Titanium dioxide

TiO2 Nanoparticle /Nanopowder CAS Number : 13463-67-7


Residential Schools Hospitals Hotels Airports Restaurants Public infrastructure Public transportation Offices Shopping centers
Hospitals Shopping centers Office Hotel Restaurant Schools Airports Transportation


Non-Toxic, Solvent Free / ISO Certified Breaks down VOCs, NOx and other airborne pollutants Improves air quality in dense urban environments Reduces odor Can be applied toward LEED credits for air quality Creates healthier work & home environment Creates a hydrophilic, self-cleaning surface Interior/exterior application Reacts with visible and UV light Triggered by light energy, organic compounds decompose on a molecular level Coating ideal for air filtration units Creates a super hydrophilic surface allowing water to wash away contaminants Reduces need for building cleaning and maintenance Mold and fungus prevention on building facades Break down allergens Decompose endotoxins Increase sanitation Remove cigarette/cigar smoke from indoor fabrics Break down mold, fungus in the air Decompose over 60 types of VOCs Prevent respiratory issues Safe for the environment and for human contact Water-based solution Increase durability of all materials Provide stain free surfaces Increase PV efficiency & decrease maintenance Saves water by breaking down dirt and making surfaces “self-clean” Durable, lasts for 10-15 years once applied The active ingredient is titanium-dioxide which is an FDA approved food pigment. Each 142.8 Sq feet of our photocatalytic coating applied to a surface has the same photocatalytic power as a single full-grown leaved tree. Breaks down VOCs, METHANE, BTEX, bacteria, NOx and other airborne pollutants on contact Removal rate for Nitrous Oxides per m2 is approximately 200 cubic meters of air per day. VOCs can be removed at a rate of 60 cubic meters per day (Source: Lawrence Berkeley National Labs, 2007 study for California Energy Commission) Food-safe Reapply every 10-15 years

Anti-bacterial Activity Hydrophile UV Protection Anti-fungal Activity Antiviral Unpleasant odor elimination

Manufacturer's Description

In today’s rapidly growing society, air pollution and contaminated surfaces are a serious threat to our health and the safety of our environment. Air pollution can create a host of health issues, including lung damage, cancer, heart problems, impacts the nervous system, and more. What’s more, air pollution and contaminated surfaces can have lasting impacts on the environment around us and can directly impact things such as human health, water quality, and plant and animal health. Fortunately, a break-through in modern science has found a solution to help with what has become a global health crisis.

Our photocatalytic coating breaks down viruses, bacteria, airborne pollutants, odors, VOCs, and other environmental toxins using the latest advancements in nanotechnology. These photocatalytic air purification and surface sanitation coatings are powered by nanotechnology that features a “smog-eating” property to create the most advanced light-activated functional surface coatings on the market. Use our photocatalytic coating throughout your home, office, school, or healthcare facility.

Our Multipurpose Photocatalytic coating is specifically designed for outdoor use and for use in public spaces to actively clean the air, surfaces, and surrounding environment while reducing the need for maintenance and cleaning. The Multipurpose coating is ideal for outdoor environments, where indoor air purification technology is not feasible and ineffective.

Our photocatalytic coating is non-toxic, solvent-free, and ISO certified. Our photocatalytic coating not only purifies the air, but it also sanitizes surfaces, providing a cleaner, healthier living, and working environment, In addition to its air purification and surface sanitation properties, it also prevents stains from mold and mildew growth, eliminates odors, protects against UV light damage, and reduces discoloration and buildup of grime on surfaces. Our photocatalytic coatings are powered by titanium dioxide, which is a harmless compound used in many common household products such as toothpaste and organic sunscreens. It is safe for both humans and animals and is ideal for use in homes, offices, schools, hospitals, restaurants, hotels, airports, and more to provide cleaner air and more sanitary surfaces.