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Water Filtration Media




Heavy metals reduction Removal of Toxic Pollutants

Manufacturer's Description

Nanocar+© is a filtration media based on nanotechnology. It is made of grains of highly porous carbon base material plated with high purity elements. One gram of Nanocar+© has an internal adsorptive surface area equivalent to a soccer field!

Some of the products that Card Technologies provide, without the use of any chemicals are:

Point of Use and in-line sink units for Residential/Commercial/Industrial, for potable water. The life span exceeds those of most competitors and the cost per gallon/liter is lower than most competitors.
Custom designed units for industrial/Commercial water treatment, based on the specific water contamination problems.
Treatment of Cooling Towers, "Chemical Free" units.

Nanocar+© combines the adsorptive qualities of activated carbon with the addition of bacteriostatic properties without the health risks associated with ion leeching back into the treated water.

It initially acts like a "super sponge" and then, through various catalytic reactions at the atomic level, it effectively, and without the use of an additional electrical charge, an Ultra Violet light source, or the introduction of additional chemicals:

filters and suppresses heavy metals, hydrocarbons, pesticides, nitrates, micro-pollutants, oxidation by-products, detergents, other harmful chemical products, coloring, tastes and odors;
oxidizes toxins and bacteria on contact, including bacteria that are resistant to chlorine, such as Legionella Pneumophila and,
because of its remanence properties, it preserves water naturally and protects for an extended time period against recontamination