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Catalytic Coating



Manufacturer's Description

As the global leader in internal tubular and shapes coatings, Quantiam offers advanced Catalytic Gasification Coatings applied on the internal surfaces of steam cracker furnace tubes and fittings (coils), enabling the Catalytically-Assisted Manufacture of Olefins (CAMOL™) using a range of hydrocarbon feedstocks. 

The coatings improve operational efficiency and profitability, and reduce energy and emissions of steam cracker furnaces by:

Reducing coke formation and build-up.
Increasing on-line production time and reducing decoking frequency.
Reducing energy requirements and GHG emissions per unit of production.

CAMOL™ is a patented composite metallic-ceramic coating for service in Medium Severity Cracking, which is deposited on the inner surface of the radiant tubes and fittings of a Petrochemical steam-cracking furnace coil for two main purposes:

As a protective barrier - CAMOL™ protects the internal wall of the tubes by generating a coating matrix up to 500 microns thick that: (1) protects the base steel from degradation processes that include internal oxidation, carburization and sulfidation; and (2) enables the generation and regeneration of a surface oxide protective layer for functional coke gasification.

As a gasifying catalyst - CAMOL™ provides a catalytic surface that gasifies coke that forms in the gas-phase (amorphous coke) and which would otherwise collect on the internal tube wall into CO and/or CO₂, thus offering a two-pronged approach to address the two major sources of coke-make, catalytic (filamentous) and amorphous (gas-phase) coke. The surface  oxide layer is  inert to filamentous (catalytic) coke-make and is typically <10 microns in thickness and which can be regenerated / repaired through normal furnace operation.