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γ-Aluminium oxide

γ-Al2O3 Nanofiber CAS Number : 1344-28-1
Diameter : 20 nm Length : 250 nm


1) Filtration of Soluble Metals & Organic Contaminants 2) Exposure from Viruses in Drinking & Recreational Waters 3) Virus and Protein Separation
Soluble Metals filteration Organic Contaminants filteration Viruses Exposure Protein Separation


NanoCeram® filters utilize a highly electropositive filter media that rapidly adsorbs particles, no matter how small. As a result, each NanoCeram® electropositive water filter has a high capacity for particles as large as tens of microns or as small as a few nanometers (submicron and colloidal). The nature of electropositive attraction is such that even with an average pore size of 2 – 3 microns the NanoCeram® Filter Cartridge exhibits an Absolute Rating of 0.2 microns – typically associated with ultraporous membranes. Yet NanoCeram® flow rates are hundreds of times greater than such membranes. When assembled into a pleated cartridge, all NanoCeram® filter offering provide a unique combination of efficiency, capacity, flow rate & low pressure drop at levels unmatched in today’s filtration marketplace. NanoCeram® filters utilize a non-woven filter media containing a thermally-bonded blend of microglass fibers and cellulose infused with nanoalumina fibers. The microglass and cellulose act as the scaffold upon which the active component of these filters (the nanoalumina fibers) is permanently affixed. Read more: Nanotechnology Products Database – NanoCeram| Nanowerk

Electropositive Non-woven High Loading Capacity

Manufacturer's Description

NanoCeram Pleated Filter Cartridge patented filter media features a thermally bonded blend of microglass fibers & cellulose infused with nanoalumina fibers in a non-woven matrix that creates an electropositively charged depth filter media.