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Registration Date 28 Aug 2015

Teslan® 3000 Epoxy Low-VOC Topcoat


Petroleum Coatings

Petroleum Anti-corrosion Coating


1) oil and gas exploration 2) drilling rigs 3) offshore platforms 4) storage tanks 5) process vessels 6) pipelines
Vessels Tanks Pipelines Offshore Drilling Exploration


1) Low-VOC 2) corrosion resistance 3) wear resistance

Low Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) Corrosion resistance Wear Resistance

Manufacturer's Description

Teslan® 3000 Epoxy Low-VOC Topcoat is a proven, reliable coating to protect against corrosion and wear in many oil and gas exploration and production applications like drilling rigs, offshore platforms, storage tanks and process vessels, pipelines and other equipment.

Teslan 3000 is formulated for direct application to properly primed steel and other metal substrates. It is a solvent-based, two-component epoxy-polyamide topcoat that was developed with keen attention to delivering superior protection against corrosion in severe offshore and coastal topside environments.

Teslan 3000 topcoat can be used directly over Teslan 1100 Zinc-CNT or Teslan 1500 Aluminum-CNT primers or Teslan 2000 Epoxy-CNT intermediate coating.

Spray application is recommended. It is easily applied using conventional air-spray, air-assisted airless or airless spray equipment.

Teslan is the world’s most durable corrosion-resistant two-coat protective coating system. Teslan primers and topcoats are recommended for any application where steel or aluminum must withstand rust and corrosion, even in the most extreme environments.