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Stainless Steel VCM Top Freezer with Door-In-Door™ 507L


Home Appliance Cooling and Heating Product Number : GT-D5101NS



1. Door-in-Door™: Door-in-Door™ saves cold air escape up to 41% than R-Door opening. - Easy Open Button: One touch open. - Smart Storage: You can well organize your fridge with smart storage space in DID. - New Design: More elegant and sophisticated design with LG’s unique double-layered door design. 2. Energy Saving Smart Inverter Compressor: - Energy Saving: LG Smart Inverter Compressor responses to variable load conditions by adjusting cooling power for better energy efficiency. Cooling power is automatically controlled according to the inside and outside temperature conditions of refrigerator. - Quiet Operation: Smart Inverter Compressor makes your kitchen quiet. Inverter compressor can be adjusted to each level of temperature. So noise can be controlled effectively. Day and night, minimal noise makes you happy to be in your kitchen. - Durability: Using these high-end technology, LG produces superior Smart Inverter Compressor and apply optimized compressor to various products. So, it makes 10-year warranty possible. 3.Hygiene Fresh+™: All 5-Step for Antibacterial Deodorization Hygiene Fresh+™ is developed to eliminate bacteria and bad odors. (1st, 4th, 5th Step) Double photocatalyst and UV LED eliminate bacteria and deodorize. Bacteria and odor inductive substances are decomposed through the combination of the triple steps. FRESH 0 ZONE: Fresh 0 Zone is controlled at temperature around 0℃ and it helps you start cooking without time-consuming thawing. 4. LED Lighting: LED Lighting is more energy efficient & has longer life span than conventional bulb lighting. Multiple location at the top in freezer and back in fridge for better illumination even with food loaded condition. 5. Smart Diagnosis™: LG's Smart Diagnosis™ is a fast and easy way to troubleshoot issues with your appliance without waiting for an engineer to call. Simply make a call to the LG Customer Service Helpline, place the phone to the appliance, and the appliance will then send a signal back to a diagnosis computer which can provide a diagnosis within seconds so an instant solution can be provided. 6. 3D Cooling 7. Tempered Glass Shelf 8. Premium Design.

Anti-bacterial Activity Deodorization

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US patent: 7685934 B2, 7690586 B2, 20050067501 A1.