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Registration Date 24 Sep 2015

NanoLub® Industrial Gear Oil


Automotive Auto Additives Product Number : ISO-220EP

Oil Additive


Manufacturer Asserted

Tungsten disulfide

WS2 Nanoparticle /Nanopowder CAS Number : 12138-09-9
Diameter : 50-200 nm


NanoLub® gear oils are formulated for enclosed industrial gear systems that operate under heavy loads, high impact and intermittent shock loads. NanoLub® can be used in industrial systems involving roller bearings, chains, conveyor systems and various heavy loading plain sliding components. Oil sands and coal mining industry, cement, steel plants and other heavy industries. Provides outstanding ability to work under hydrodynamic and boundary lubrication conditions due to high quality additives, fluid durability and IF-WS2 lubricant film formation. Can be used to extended life-time of gears due to the exfoliation and coating of IF-WS2 particles on metal contacts at high loads resulting in reduced part wear and scuffing. Significant drop in heat and friction leading to fuel savings in gear systems compared to conventional and other particle-based (e.g. MoS2) industrial gear oils. Excellent thermal stability and oxidative stability in combination with high viscosity index provides extended operating temperature range. Outstanding protection against rust and corrosion in any harsh environments. Excellent water-separation and foam-resistance characteristics. Ideal for use in the oil sands and coal mining industry, cement, steel plants and other heavy industries.
Cement Steel Oils Bearings Mining Gears Conveyor systems


Durability Thermal stability Oxidation resistant Corrosion resistant Removing rust

Thermal stability Durability Corrosion resistance Oxidation Resistance Rust Removal

Manufacturer's Description

NanoLub® ISO-220EP Industrial Gear Oil is a new generation fully formulated oil based on our proprietary nano-sized inorganic fullerene-like tungsten disulfide (IF-WS2) particles engineered to provide outstanding load-bearing, anti-wear and ultra-low friction.NanoLub® ISO-220EP is a blend of solid IF-WS2 nanoparticles and other high-quality multifunctional lubricant additives dispersed in a premium grade mineral oil designed for heavy industrial enclosed gear systems.NanoLub® ISO-220EP can be used in other extreme gearing applications such as power plants, mining equipment, steel mills and cement plants replacing conventional gear lubricants.