Registration Date 7 Sep 2014

Cerablak® SHS


Construction Masonry Materials

Self-healing Solution


1. High-performance windshields and windscreens 2. Surface treatment for difficult-to-clean surfaces 3. High temperature, multiple cycle substrate protection 4. Industrial + chemical processing
Coatings Windscreens Windshields


1. Improved cleaning and nonstick properties 2. Regenerative surface heals after abrasion and exposure to harsh environments 3. Easy to apply 4. pH stable

Mechanical Resistance Self-cleaning Easy to Apply PH stability

Manufacturer's Description

Cerablak™ technology is embodied by unique molecular chemistry relevant to ultra-high-temperature performance. It all starts with our proprietary chemical formulations. These formulations consist of uniquely-designed polymeric species (Al-P-O-coordinated) that decompose upon thermal pyrolysis to yield an amorphous glass material that resists crystallization even above 1400°C in air and can be made over a wide range of aluminophosphate and doped chemical compositions. The resistance to crystallization is due to sluggish kinetics or atom diffusivity, which also serves to provide excellent barrier properties at elevated temperatures for gaseous, molecular, or ionic species. High-temperature performance is key to functional products in aerospace, energy, defense, industrial manufacturing, and even consumer products like appliances. patent:CA 2420057 A1