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Registration Date 15 Oct 2015

Nanopure® Water Purification System


Environment Water and Wastewater

Water Purifier


Produce 18.2 megohm-cm water quietly while maintaining a small laboratory footprint. A 0.2µm absolute final filter assures water is bacteria- and particle-free. Volumetric dispensing eliminates overflow accidents when filling carboys. Standby mode maintains water purity during periods of non-use, and an automatic sanitization cycle keeps the system clean. The RS-232 output permits documentation of water purity. Remote, multi-language display allows monitoring of output resistivity, conductivity, and temperature up to 3m (10') from the system. Features automatic calibration verification and NIST module for in-field calibration. Systems can be wall- or bench-mounted and are supplied with brackets for wall mounting. A pressure regulating valve adjusts to feedwater pressure fluctuations. Unique “one-connection” Durapack™ cartridge packs are easy to replace.

Anti-bacterial Activity UV Protection

Manufacturer's Description

Available in four application-specific models:

The Analytical model is ideal for ion chromatography, atomic absorption, and other sensitive analytical procedures.

The UV model features a dual wavelength UV lamp to produce water with 1–5ppb total organic carbon. Perfect for laboratories performing HPLC, gas chromatography/mass spectrometry, and TOC determinations.

The UF model incorporates an ultrafilter to produce water with less than 0.001EU/mL and log reduction values over 6. Automatically flushes water to drain, preventing contaminant build-up on the membrane. For use in laboratories requiring pyrogen-free water.

The Life Science model integrates a dual wavelength UV lamp and ultrafilter. Output has less than 0.001EU/mL, with 1–5ppb total organic carbon, and no detectable DNase, RNase, and DNA. Ideal for laboratories performing PCR, electrophoresis, and cell and tissue culture.