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Registration Date 7 Sep 2014

SurfaPaint ThermoDry® Exterior Paint


Construction Masonry Materials

Thermal Insulation Paint


Exterior surfaces, such as walls, masonry, concrete, plaster board and wherever water based, acrylic paints are applied.
Paint Energy conversion Plaster boards Masonry


1. Conserves energy 2. Reflects 94.2% of IR radiation 3. Blocks heat transfer 4. Elastomeric formulation for crack bridging 5. UV and Alkali resistant 6. Extended surface lifetime 7. Low VOC, water based paint 8. Easy surface application 9. Excellent opacity and coverage 10. Prevents mould growth 11. Formaldehyde Free

Manufacturer's Description

The thermal insulating particles block heat transfer, reflect thermal radiation, and create a moisture barrier that can result in significant energy savings. Suitable for application on masonry exposed to adverse weather conditions and for the protection of damaged surfaces with micro cracks. Excellent gap bridging even in very low temperature conditions (-20oC) and/or high temperature differences without risk of flaking. Excellent resistance to UV radiation and alkali. It is a breathable paint, preventing at the same time water penetration. Due to its UV cross linking mechanism and the nanoparticles it contains, the tendency to pick-up dirt particles and atmospheric pollution is significantly reduced. Available in white colour for optimum thermal insulation properties. It can be used as a tinting base for light shades