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SurfaMix® C


Construction Masonry Materials

Waterproof Solution


1. Plasters and renders 2. Exterior or interior masonry coatings 3. Cementitious mortar/grout 4. Patch, repair and reprofiling mortars 5. Strengthening of adhesive materials for tiles/stones 6. Floor screeds/overlays 7. Low adhesion/porosity surfaces as a primer
Stone Grout Plaster boards Primer Masonry Renders Mortars Floor screeds Floor overlays


1. Enhances (doubles) adhesion 2. Promotes bonding 3. Improves workability 4. Prevents cracking 5. Reduces water penetration 6. Reduces/eliminates lime use 7. Latex (SBR) free 8. UV and weather resistant (does not become yellowish) 9. Extends working time 10. Can be applied as a primer 11. Water based 12. Environmentally friendly 13. Cost effective

Workability UV Protection Environmentally Friendly Easy to Apply Cost Effective Adhesion Improvement Eliminating Lime Use Latex-free Waterproof

Manufacturer's Description

SurfaMix C is an ideal admixture for exterior or interior masonry coatings, patch, repair and re-profiling mortars, mortar grout and as an enhancing agent for adhesive materials used when laying ceramic tiles and stones. It reduces surface dusting on floor screeds/overlays an can be used as a primer to improve the adhesion of surfaces. SurfaMix C improves workability and extends the working time of the mix. Furthermore, it reduces water absorption by up to 70%. In any cementitious mix, the addition of water is essential for setting, curing and the development of mechanical strength. Water promotes a process called hydration. During hydration, individual cement particles react with each other and create a strong and durable solid phase. Most frequently, the hydration process is inefficient, resulting in extensive cracking, failure or poor adhesion of the cured cement. The active ingredients of SurfaMix C control the hydration process and prevent the shrinkage and subsequent failure of the final product. Simultaneously, an extended network of material fills the void volume of the cement and promotes surface adhesion and bonding. This also reduces surface dusting. The final SurfaMix C modified material remains visually unchanged, even though its elasticity and mechanical properties are enhanced. Individual nanoparticles exhibiting water repelling properties coat the pores of the mix and its reduce water absorption. This process results in renders, plasters or cement surfaces that are very resilient to weathering. For example, it prevents unwanted moisture,that may rise through the structure (i.e. rising damp) or penetrate from the outside (i.e. condensation). Finally, the cured cementitious mix is more durable against surface corrosion, negative water pressure, frost threat and extreme weather conditions. As a result, SurfaMix C modified cement surfaces last longer.