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Registration Date 26 Oct 2015

Eden® ULV fanless processor


Electronics Processor Product Number : Eden® ULV





ultra cool ultra quiet reliable performance world-class 90nm production fanless highly effective heat dissipation all within an ultra compact NanoBGA2 package measuring just 21mm x 21mm

Low power consumption Fanless Highly efficient heat dissipation Ultra cool Ultra quiet

Manufacturer's Description

Specifically targeted at a range of business, industrial and commercial applications such as thin clients, silent desktops, IPCs and set top boxes where ultra cool, ultra quiet, reliable performance is essential. The new VIA Eden® processor family boasts an ultra-efficient architecture, world-class 90nm production and the highly efficient VIA V4 bus interface for unprecedented passively-cooled, ‘fanless’ performance.Scaling from 400MHz to 1.2GHz within a maximum power envelope of 7W, the VIA Eden® processor offers impressive power efficiency and highly effective heat dissipation all within an ultra compact NanoBGA2 package measuring just 21mm x 21mm. When combined with the most recent VIA C-Series digital media IGP chipsets, which have been designed as companion sets for the latest VIA processors, system developers can utilize an impressive range of features for a wide range of desktop and embedded applications.The Ultra Low Voltage (ULV) additions to the Eden® processor family set new standards in performance per watt; scaling from 500MHz to 1.5GHz, achieving unprecedented speed for a fanless x86 processor within a maximum power envelope of just 7.5 watts. By enabling a range of ultra small, ultra quiet devices and featuring a unique architecture that enables high performance with low power and cool temperature operation, the VIA Eden ULV series gives system designers the building blocks to create innovative products and open up new markets.
The 500MHz VIA Eden® ULV processor especially, with its maximum operating power of just 1 watt and idle power as low as 100mW, VIA has made the x86 architecture more accessible than ever before to the embedded market. Read more about it in this white paper.