Registration Date 7 Nov 2015

Nano Oil-saving & Maintaining Fluid for New Car


Automotive Auto Additives Product Number : DBDS-010

Oil Additive


NPD Conjectured


Cu Nanoparticle /Nanopowder CAS Number : 7440-50-8


This product can be easily and stably dispersed in all kinds of lubrication oil, suitable for the lubricating system of various motorcycles.
Petrol engines


Fuel economy—saving fuel & engine oil,5%-25% oil consumption saved; Strong lubrication—improve lubrication greatly, reduce friction coefficient effectively, 80%-90% reductions in engine wear and tear; Engine protection—wear and tear repaired dynamically, protect the power system permanently, engine life extended 2-3 times; Fast start—improves the initial rotation speed, easier to cold start in winter; Power strengthening—restore the engine cylinder pressure. Power increased by 5%-35%; Noise reduction—effectively reduce engine noise and vibration; Corrosion prevention—prevent friction parts from corrosive pitting.; Environmentally friendly—improve engine oil burning, blue smoke and other conditions, reduce exhaust particles by 20%-30% and smoke emissions by 50%. Economic—extend oil drain internals twice, save fuel effectively, reduce the repair cost; Environmental friendly—effectively reduce exhaust particles and smoke emissions; Fast—engine working environment improved in 15 minutes, noise and vibration reduced, and power enhanced; Safe— be suitable for long-term use for various small vehicles, no adverse effect or side effects.

Mechanical Resistance Environmentally Friendly Corrosion resistance Wear Resistance Lubricity Friction Resistance Noise Reduction Energy Consumption Reduction Shield Protection Self-repairing

Manufacturer's Description

Standard: Q/ZDS001-2012