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NanoSet Densifier NS™


Construction Masonry Materials



Manufacturer Asserted

Silicon dioxide

SiO2 Nanoparticle /Nanopowder CAS Number : 7631-86-9
Diameter : 1-5 nm


PRIMARY APPLICATIONS: 1. Interior or exterior concrete (vertical or horizontal) 2. Warehouses/Distribution center floors 3. Manufacturing plants 4. Medical and Research 5. Residential garages and floors 6. Commercial floors INDUSTRIAL: 1. Bridges, overpasses, on-grade, and suspended slabs and Water treatment plants 2. Parking garages, ramps, decks, airport runways, taxiways, and ramp areas 3. Reservoirs, dams, concrete pipes, and flumes 4. Tunnels, mine shafts, pond retainers 5. Secondary containment and concrete tanking areas COMMERCIAL: 1. Light weight concrete, pools, fountains, water retention ponds and pool plasters 2. Pre-cast panels, tilt-up, brick mortar joints, exterior stucco, and concrete masonry units (CMU) 3. Textured concrete, mortars, grouts 4. Drive-ways, car parks, side walks, and patios 5. Above or below grade positive or negative side application.
Stucco Grout Concrete Mortars Bridges Warehouses Pool Sidewalks Reservoir Garage Tunnel Driveway Airport runways Garage floor Patios floor Commercial Manufacturing plants Concrete masonry units (CMU) Dams Concrete pipes Ramps


1. Ideal for concrete polishing 2. Excellent for use to protect the concrete surface against spalling and chalking 3. Improves adhesion for coatings and decorative stains 4. Fills porosity/capillaries of concrete creating a permanent bond that makes floors and walls harder, less prone to dusting and absorption of most liquids 5. Resists penetration of many liquids including oils and chemicals 6. Helps minimize rubber tire marks in warehouse applications 7. Application equipment may be cleaned with water 8. Will not discolor or blush over time 9. Not affected by bond breaker systems when used as directed 10. Will not leave a white cast on floor if over used or not removed 11. Reduces operating costs by increasing ease of maintenance and cleaning 12. Meets all VOC regulations including California and meets LEED Qualifying standards 13. Increases density and hardness of cementitious-based materials 14. Reduces the potential for chloride ion (salt) intrusion 15. Reduces shrinkage cracking in new “green” concrete slabs 16. Improves the substrates ability to resist water intrusion which lowers the potential for freeze/thaw damage 17. Reduces the need for a silica fume and fly ash additives.

Anti-pollution Chemical Stability Color Retention Easy Care Freeze-thaw Resistance Waterproof

Manufacturer's Description

NanoSet Densifier NS™ is an advanced blend of reactive nano silica that penetrates polished concrete deeply and efficiently to increase surface density and hardness, as well as provide additional protection and longevity of the polished concrete substrate.