Registration Date 7 Sep 2014

TruNano™ Wood Armor


Construction Masonry Materials

Anti-stain Solution


Designed to protect natural wood from moisture, stains and scratches. Protect your beautiful timber outdoor furniture against,food stains, fading, water, spills, bird droppings Protect your deck area against, oils, food stains, red wine, fading, water and the elements Protect your beautiful and expensive timber fencing area against, fading, water, graffiti and the elements
Fences Wood Timber


Satin or gloss finish Stain resistant Mlid acid resistant Water resistant Scratch resistant Oil resistant Graffiti resistant COVERAGE APPROX 20sq/m per Lt (depending on substrate) One single step application, no mixing Never oil your deck again Protects you deck for up to 10 years 100 % UV stable Low VOC

Anti-graffiti Scratch Resistance UV Protection Low Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) Stain Resistance Oleophobe Acid Resistance Waterproof

Manufacturer's Description

The nanoparticles crosslink to create a molecular web on the surface that is virtually impenetrable. Imagine a table that is covered completely with sand (nanoparticles), compared to a table that is covered with dinner plates (traditional sealers and coatings). The sand covers every inch of surface as the grains are very small and can fit tightly together. The dinner plates on the other hand are so large they cannot fit together as tightly and leave large voids where the plates come in contact with one another. There are simply too many voids to be effective against damage from moisture and stains.