Registration Date 14 Nov 2015

NANO SHIELD™ Advanced Floor Finish


Construction Masonry Materials



Manufacturer Asserted

Aluminium oxide

Al2O3 Nanoparticle /Nanopowder CAS Number : 1344-28-1


Nano Shield Advanced Floor Finish is recommended for use on residential wood floors: kitchens, living rooms, bedrooms, family rooms and entryways. It is also recommended for use on commercial wood floors to include retail stores, shopping centers, offices, restaurants, churches, classrooms, hotels, etc.
Residential wood floors Commercial wood floors


1. Catalyzed performance without the catalyst 2. Nano-size Aluminum Oxide particles fused into the resin for maximum scuff and scratch resistance 3. Excellent wear and chemical resistance 4. Excellent flow and leveling 5. Crystal clear water-based formula. Nano Shield™ Advanced Floor Finish dries clear and is non-yellowing .

Chemical Stability Scratch Resistance Water-based Wear Resistance Non-yellowing Scuffing Protection

Manufacturer's Description

Nano Shield™ Advanced Floor Finish is a self cross linking copolymer resin system, enhanced with nano particles of aluminum oxide, providing ultimate protection in a water base clear finish. It is an extremely durable interior clear finish that is ideal for coating and protecting hardwood floors and other interior wood surfaces. Nano Shield™ Advanced Floor Finish flows and levels exceptionally well on any wood surface. Nano Shield™ Advanced Floor Finish dries clear and is non-yellowing – ideal for maintaining the true natural color of wood.