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Registration Date 7 Sep 2014

Nansulate® HomeProtect Clear Coat


Construction Masonry Materials

Thermal Insulation Coating


1. Commercial Buildings 2. Homes 3. Government Buildings 4. Warehouses 5. Mobile Homes 6. Storage Enclosures 7. Other Buildings.
Plastics PVC Insulation Drywalls Concrete Home Wood Warehouses Storage Enclosures


Outstanding insulation properties in a thin film coating. Does not contain any potentially harmful anti-microbial additives or biocides. Improves air quality - Resistant to mold and fungus growth. Easy Application with brush, roller or paint sprayer. Non-hazardous, water-based. Color: Translucent (ClearCoat) with matte finish. Exhibits outstanding durability with excellent adhesion to drywall, pvc, wood, concrete, plastic, and many more substrates. Eliminates heat loss/gain from thermal bridging through studs. Use for wall insulation, ceiling insulation, attic insulation and more. Cost effective, with long-term savings and short payback period. Green product - Low VOC (100 g/L). Energy savings - reduces heating and cooling costs. Easy cleanup with soap and water. Space saving – each coat is applied at 3-5 wet mils; a full three-coat application will dry to 4.5-7.5 dry mils. Can be painted over. Resistant to mold and moisture. (must be used as final surface coat for mold resistance) Provides protection from harmful UV rays. Increase energy efficiency of homes and buildings easily and without major renovations. Do-it-yourself - Easily applied by individuals, handymen or painting contractors.

Compatibility Non-toxic Self-cleaning UV Protection Durability Easy to Apply Cost Effective Mould Resistance Anti-fungal Activity High Adhesion Air Purification Energy Consumption Reduction