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Registration Date 2 Dec 2015

Kalwall+ Lumira® Aerogel


Construction Structural Materials



1. Astounding thermal insulation 2. Diffused transmission of natural daylight 3. Full-spectrum, visible light 4. Improved sound insulation 5. Reduced HVAC energy costs 6. Control of solar gain 7. Reduced glare and harsh lighting contrasts 8. Lightweight and strong 9. LEED® points 10.NFRC Systems Certified.

Sound Insulation Thermal Insulation

Manufacturer's Description

Kalwall continues to lead the world in the technology of high-efficiency daylighting with the latest evolution of panels infilled with aerogel. Kalwall+ Lumira™ combines all the daylighting benefits of Kalwall with super-insulating aerogel that delivers an “R” value of 20; U = 0.05 Btu/hr/ft2/°F or 0.3 W/m2K. The insulation value of this light-transmitting system is far greater than insulating glass units and is equivalent to a solid wall, achieving a Sound Transmission Class (STC) of 35.

Formerly known as Kalwall+ Nanogel®, the heart of Kalwall’s aerogel-filled panels is the world’s lightest and best insulating, translucent, solid material. Based on translucent silica and sometimes called ”frozen smoke”, this is a hydrophobic aerogel produced in the form of glass bead-like particles that are greater than 90% air. The pore size of each particle is less than the mean free path of air molecules, which severely inhibits heat transfer through the material.