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Construction Structural Materials



Skylighting applications.


Our EcoSky3 model features Satin Sky Glazing with a Lumira Aerogel panel offering 3x times the thermal performance of the leading competitor with excellent visible light transmission. By adapting nano technology, Lumira Aerogel is able to provide a tremendous thermal insulator that is also environmentally sound. Lumira Aerogel works so well because of what it does on a nano-scale — it permanently stops convective and conductive thermal transfer without an appreciable drop in light transmission. •Solar Heat Gain As Low As .34 •Best In Industry R-Value •Glare-free, full spectrum diffused light •“Green” product that’s perfect for Cradle to Cradle designs •Completely moisture resistant •Will not support growth of mold, mildew or fungus •Reduces sound transmission •UV stable •Performance will not deteriorate over time •NFRC tested, rated and certified.

Anti-reflective Moisture Resistance Sound Insulation Thermal Insulation UV Protection

Manufacturer's Description

Wasco introduces its revolutionary new EcoSky series, a green, glare-free unit that provides high quality diffused light with SHGC as low as .34 and a high VLT for maximum usable LUX delivery.Our Acrylite® Satin Sky glazing is an innovative acrylic sheet that is a powerful sun reflector which greatly reduces solar heat gain, making it ideal for both hot and cold climates. Satin Sky is impact modified, infrared blocking, light diffusing, and 100% haze white.

Lumira aerogel provides superior insulating capabilities. Made of a dry silica particulate, Lumira aerogel is completely recyclable, eco-friendly, non-combustible, and Cradle-to-Cradle certified. It is a lightweight insulation and daylighting solution that repels water, retains its properties under compression, and can enhance design options and aesthetics providing beautifully diffused full spectrum daylight inside the building.