Registration Date 7 Dec 2015

ARODI nano façade


Construction Masonry Materials



NPD Conjectured

Silicon dioxide

SiO2 Nanoparticle /Nanopowder CAS Number : 7631-86-9


Suitable for all sucking surfaces such as open- pored, silicone- free emulsion paints 1. plaster 2. clinker 3. buildings 4. monuments 5. garden walls.
Clinker Building Plaster Garden walls Monuments


1. the façade stays clean longer and looks better 2. prevents moisture absorption 3. water vapour can leak from the inside to the outside 4. protection against moss-growth, algae, emissions and micro organisms 5. the façade is cleaned by rain independently 6. resistant to ultraviolet rays, sea water, salty air and acid rain 7. material does not change visibly 8. value retention and appreciation 9. environmentally friendly 10. lower costs for cleaning.

Moisture Resistance UV Protection Environmentally Friendly Mould Resistance Anti-microbial activity Oleophobe Algae Resistance Waterproof

Manufacturer's Description

ARODI nano façade is a coating material based on chemical nanotechnology. Self- organising ant - adhesion- elements provide the surface with an invisible coating with hydrophobic and oleophobic features.
ARODI nanoparticles go deeply into the facade’s pores. There they combine with the surface whereby they provide every pore with hydrophobic features. As a result, the permeation of water is prevented while water vapour still can leak from the inside to the outside. The construction can still “breathe”.