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Registration Date 16 Dec 2015

Ceramizer® Fuel System Treatment


Automotive Auto Additives

Fuel Additive


NPD Conjectured

Tungsten disulfide

WS2 Nanoparticle /Nanopowder CAS Number : 12138-09-9


Compatible with all Diesel, Oil and Fuel.
Diesel Engine


Ensures quite engine operation Reconditions the fuel feeding system during exploitation. Increases the power and mechanical efficiency of the engine. Removes carbon deposits in combustion chamber, cleans valve heads and prevents the generation of other deposits Keeps the engine clean (removes sludges from the combustion chamber). Enhances vehicle dynamics and reliability of the fuel injection system. Protects mechanisms against corrosion and aggresive chemical substances. Improves engine start, especially at low temperatures. Decreases exhaust emissions of toxic gases, CO up to 50%. Deminishes fuel consumption by 4%. Minimizes negative effects caused by poor quality fuel.

Corrosion resistance Reduction of Harmful Emissions Clean Combustion Energy Consumption Reduction

Manufacturer's Description

Ceramizer® is an oil additive that uses unique “nano” technology to rejuvenate used engines and protect them from every day wear and tear. It's easy to use, cost effective and hundreds of customer testimonials & scientific tests are backing up the efficiency of this product.Ceramizer® will rebuild and restore worn surfaces by covering them with a ceramic-metal coating. The microscopic particles will bond to steel or cast metal surface undergoing friction by a scientifically proven process called "selective transfer”. A worn surface is therefore effectively rebuilt using a highly lubricating protective layer of ceramic and metal particles. This layer fills, coats and smoothes micro-defects and deformations of metal surfaces subjected to friction. The result is an engine that works more efficiently and therefore reduces operating costs as life of the working engine parts is prolonged and gasoline consumption is lowered. The coating is highly durable and will last up to 40 000 miles even after an oil change.We are recognized distributers of Ceramizer® which is produced in Europe by Ceramizer Ltd. During 16 years, their product line has gained an enviable reputation for product performance and quality. All their products are made to meet the highest standards of the chemical/automotive industry and their effectiveness has been proven in many independant tests conducted by institutes such as the Polish Air Force Technical Institute, Industrial Motorization Institute, Steelworks Academy and more.