Registration Date 8 Sep 2014

Colorless transparent self cleaning coating (Hydrophobic)


Construction Masonry Materials Product Number : CS-100



1. Used in all kinds of glass, marble, plastic, metal, wood, paint surface. 2. Used in automobile windshield, side windshield, the rearview mirror surface, guarantee the glass still keep good sight in the rainy days. 3. Used in the marble baths, toilet, ceramic tile, glass and other coating surface to achieve easily clean effect. 4. Used in toilet, fittings, furniture, floor, curtain, carpet, wall paper, children’s toys, mobile phones, computers, refrigerator, air conditioning to keep the surface long-term clean.
Ceramic industry Paint Plastics Marbles Glass Mirror Metals Windshields Walls Carpet Curtain Tiles Toilets Wood Refrigerator Car Air-conditioners Mobile phone Computers


Super hydrophobic, self cleaning effect. Water on coating surface just like on the lotus leaf, fell quickly. 1. Smooth coating surface, dirt and besmirch are hard attached, easy clean. 2. Temperature adaptability: 200 ℃ without exception. 4. Cold resistance: -50 ℃ without exception. 5. Salt resistance: 5% NaCl solution in water for 48 h no abnormalities 6. Acid resistance: 5% H2SO4 solution for 48 h no abnormalities, Alkali resistance: alkali solution for a long time will lose from clean function. 7. Gasoline resistance: # 120 gas for 48 h no abnormalities 8. Hydrophobic water contact Angle is 120 degrees. 9. Scrub resistance: steel wire ball swab repeatedly 600 times. 10. Resistance to artificial aging: 500 h appearance had not changed.