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Nano TiO2 Sol Fabric Coating Agent (TiPE® F)


Textile Finishing Agents Product Number : F380

Textile Finishing Agent


Manufacturer Asserted

Titanium Dioxide

TiO2 Nanocolloid CAS Number : 13463-67-7
Diameter : 2-10 nm


It can widely used for the development of various antibacterial textile, including respirator, curtain, sheet, underwear, shirt, T shirt, sport garments, glove, socks, towels, blanket, quilt cover, pillow cover, washing cloth and various kinds of women and children stuffs, one-off medical textile and so on.
Towel Curtain Socks Shirts Underwear Blanket Bed sheet Pillowcase T-shirts Gloves Sport garments Quilt cover Respirator Medical textile Various kinds of women and children stuffs


This product could effectively kill bacterial in various textiles, and with strong capability in removing bad smell to keep your textile in fresh natural health and away from bug and peculiar smell. Textile treated by this product has obvious effect on antibacterial, removing bad smell, and is capable to resist ultraviolet ray and to remove venomous and harmful matters such as formaldehyde. It is innocuous to human body, bland to skin, safe and high performance with obvious supplement prevention and control on pungent foot odor, skin diseases, women and pediatrics diseases.

Anti-bacterial Activity Non-toxic UV Protection Deodorization

Manufacturer's Description

Package: Plastic / Metal Barrel 10L, 25L, 120L.