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The Nano-Ag Answer®


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Ag Nanoparticle /Nanopowder CAS Number : 7440-22-4


Feed plants & soil the way nature intended. Farmers consistently see healthier crops, significant yield increases, up to a 20% reduction in watering, and a reduction in predatory pests. At around $4/acre per application (12-15/year), The Nano-Ag Answer® is of the least expensive solutions out there. The Nano-Ag Answer® is compatible with other fertilizers and amendments, but for most users, it reduces or even eliminates the need for additional inputs like chemicals and pesticides. We call it The Nano-Ag Answer® because it's small... REALLY small. Many find it hard to believe that such a small amount of material can achieve such a dramatic coverage. We just ask you to look at our Field Studies. The Nano-Ag Answer® harnesses the power of billions of hardworking microorganisms that bring life & balance back into the soil. Depending on the size of your ranch, we offer 3-different coverage configurations. Some of our customers have even stopped using insecticides altogether. Pests are attracted to plants under stress. Our fertilizers reduce stress. The Nano-Ag Answer® creates more tilth in the soil and more efficient nutrient uptake - this means less watering all around. Some of our customers have seen up to a 20% reduction in water consumption. Our fertilzier is made up of billions of beneficial microorganisms. These guys live off of the imbalances in ecosystems, bringing everything back into balance. Microorganisms are a great, inexpensive way to control algal blooms. Using The Nano-Ag Answer® helps balance run-off. This means better report cards, better water quality and less pressure from water districts.

Algae Resistance Health Care Effect Water Conservation Organic Nutritional Unbeatable Coverage Boom Population Pest Pressure Reduction Runoff Remediation

Manufacturer's Description

The Nano-Ag Answer® is one of the most effective and least expensive fertilizers on the market.  It also happens to be organic (OMRI Listed).  Nano-Ag provides all the same benefits of a conventional fertilizers, but also offers MUCH MORE. The Nano-Ag Answer® is an NPK fertilizer that is a proprietary blend of 3 components: (1) BILLIONS of microorganisms, (2) Sea kelp, and (3) Mineral electrolytes.
When mixed & activated with water, these microbes wake up and reproduce. In just 48 hours you have a “boom population” - BILLIONS of soil builders ready to get to work in the field.The Nano-Ag Answer® contains 3 components that work together to create growth and balance.  
Using The Nano-Ag Answer® introduces BILLIONS of microbes, each with a special job in the soil’s “fertlizer factory.”
These microbes breakdown any carbon source they can find, combine it with other elements (included in our proprietary solution) as their food and release even more complex nutrients as their waste. 
Plants, with help from mycorhizal fungi, uptake the nutrients and eventually contribute more organic matter for the cycle.