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Registration Date 11 Apr 2016

Advanced Tip at the End of the Cantilever™Force Modulation Mode, Au coated


Electronics Sensor Product Number : ATEC-FMAu-10



Manufacturer Asserted


Cr Nanostructure Coating CAS Number : 7440-47-3


Atomic force microscope (AFM) tips AFM imaging


The probe offers unique features: real tip visibility from top metallic conductivity of the tip tip height 15 - 20 µm high mechanical Q-factor for high sensitivity The metallic coating is an approximately 70 nm thick double layer of chromium and gold on both sides of the cantilever. The tip side coating enhances the conductivity of the tip and allows electrical contacts. The detector side coating enhances the reflectivity of the laser beam by a factor of about 2 and prevents light from interfering within the cantilever. The coating process is optimized for stress compensation and wear resistance. The bending of the cantilever due to stress is less than 3.5% of the cantilever length. Please note: Wear at the tip can occur if operating in contact-, friction- or force modulation mode or where it is necessary to conduct high currents.

High sensitivity Real Tip Visibility from Top Dissipate Static Charge

Manufacturer's Description

NANOSENSORS AdvancedTEC™ FMAu AFM tips are designed for force modulation mode imaging. They feature a tetrahedral tip that protrudes from the very end of the cantilever. This unique feature allows precise positioning and makes the AdvancedTEC™ the only AFM scanning probe in the world that offers REAL TIP VISIBILITY FROM TOP, even when the probe is tilted due to its mounting onto the AFM head. This feature makes them the premium choice for all applications where the tip has to be placed exactly on the point of interest and/or has to be visible (e.g. Nanomanipulation).Due to their very small half cone angles the tips of the AdvancedTEC™ Series show great performance on samples that have a small pattern size combined with steep sample features.