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TEXCARE® ( Nano silver Anti Bacterial fibre)


Textile Fibers, Yarns, and Fabrics

Nylon Filament


Manufacturer Asserted


Ag Nanoparticle /Nanopowder CAS Number : 7440-22-4


1. Apparel: Underwear, Nightwear, Active sportswear (T-shirt, Polo shirt), Uniforms (work wear, medical wear) 2. Home textile: Bedding-related products (futon covers, cases for blanket and bed sheets), Sofa, Curtains, Sleeping bag. 3. Shoes material: Inner pad and lining of shoes 4. Hosiery : Socks, Stockings and tights 5. Industrial : Car seats.
Sportswear Bedding Curtain Uniforms Socks Underwear Sofas Pants Stockings Car seats Nightwear Shoes Insoles Shoe lining


1. Comfortable & Clean healthy life: TEXCARE® -Nano silver fiber differs from the other post-treated product, the silver ion contained in the fiber can block out the foreign bacteria such as virus to grow up; it also will steadily release out negative ions and far infrared ray energy to help blood circulation and promote metabolism. For the modern people that emphasize clean environment and good living standard, the nanometer silver antiseptic fiber will become non-ignorable products that can make you dress in health and good mood. 2. Durability: Since the TEXCARE® -Nano silver fiber has added nanometer silver ions in the polymerase stage possesses excellent durability and bears antibacterial action at any moment and not to lose its function from lacking of light. The healthy cloth made by TEXCARE® has high anti-abrasion ability without caring about the flow-out of antibacterial agent. The product can stand for water-wash without eliminating the initial function. The antibacterial rate still can keep 99.99% after being water-washed for 50 times. 3.static-electricity-resisting. 4.anti-EM waves and anti-UV.

Anti-bacterial Activity Washability UV Protection Abrasion Resistance Far Infrared Protection Anti-electromagnetic Wave Static Electricity Resistance High durable

Manufacturer's Description

TEXCARE® -Nano silver fiber is an outstanding state-of-the-art product developed by Haojey that applies silver ion and nanometer technology to the fiber production process. TEXCARE® Nano silver fiber owns super strong antiseptic and deodorant ability, can absorb and expel body sweat and has the function of making far infrared rays, static-electricity-resisting, anti-EM waves and anti-UV, etc. This new product can provide consumer an option of healthy wear.

Recommended for : 1. Circular knitting. 2. Weft in weaving.