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Registration Date 14 Jul 2016

Genceutic Naturals 24Hr Microactive® CoQ10


Food Supplements Product Number : 26810

Herbal Suplement


Genceutic natural's 24hr nano COQ10 100 mg supplement has distinct advantages over ordinary coco10. First of all, its patented, nano sized COQ10 and ß-cyclodextrin matrix it is significantly more stable, retaining much greater stability against heat and light. Secondly, this matrix showed a sustained release and bioavailability was significantly better than ordinary COQ10 by a factor of 3.7. In addition, genceutic natural's 24hr nano COQ10 matrix has 40% more consistent absorption than ubiquinol, a metabolized form of COQ10 often touted as having superior absorption. Scientists around the world have been daily with meals. Researching the important benefits of COQ10, which include supporting cardiovascular wellness and cellular energy. 24 hr COQ10 100 mg supplies 24 hour sustained release micro active COQ10 complex, patented for bonding COQ10 with β-cyclodextrin. This water-dispersible form offers universal enhanced absorption.

Chemicals-free Absorption Enhancement

Manufacturer's Description

100% Vegetarian 
Free of Chemical Pesticides, Herbicides, Fungicides and Synthetic Fertilizers 
24hr Microactive® CoQ10 - 40% More Consistent Absorption than Ubiquinol**
24hr Microactive® CoQ10 Absorbs Up To 300% Better than Crystalline CoQ10*** 
Patented Water Soluble Form Offers Universal Enhanced Absorption Especially For CoQ10 Non Responders*