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TSMC 0.13μm Technology


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The 0.13-micron technology comes with logic, mixed-signal/RF and embedded memory (6T SRAM, eDRAM, OTP, eFuse) process options, making it ideal for a variety of system-on-chip (SOC) applications. The 0.13-micron logic family includes the General Purpose (G), Low Power (LP), and High Performance Low Voltage (LV) process options. Each process supports multiple Vt options, including standard Vt, low Vt and high Vt. Multiple fabs support 0.13-micron volume production, making TSMC the only foundry capable of fulfilling surge demands during market upswings. Both eight-inch and 12-inch process lines are available with sufficient capacity. TSMC has shipped more than four million eight-inch equivalent wafers to hundreds of customers since the technology was introduced in 2000. An extensive array of libraries and IP from TSMC as well as from industry-leading library vendors, have been silicon verified and volume proven in the 0.13-micron technology. TSMC has offered a 0.11-micron process since 2003, and has shipped close to one million eight-inch equivalent wafers. Half-node technologies have proven effective in providing a cost competitive solution while maintaining similar levels of device performance as the full node. As a migration path from 0.18-micron or 0.16-micron, the 0.11-micron process has been as popular as the 0.13-micron process. The 0.11-micron G process full supports Mixed-signal and RF options.

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The TSMC 0.13-micron process technology delivers the optimal combination of gate density, speed and power to serve a broad range of computing, communications and consumer electronics applications. The technology achieves a die size reduction of nearly 40 percent and up to a 70 percent speed improvement compared to the 0.18-micron process.