Registration Date 8 Oct 2016

ZeoMax® GardenAid


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Na2Al2Si3O10·2H2O Nanoporous CAS Number : 1318-02-1


Topdressing for container, flowerbeds, home garden areas and small vegetable gardens Seedbed preparation for turf, gardens, and planter boxes. Component in potting boxes.
Soil applications


Unlike other soil amendments, ZeoMax® Garden Aid does not break down over time, but remains in the soil to improve nutrient retention. Therefore, its’ addition to soil will significantly reduce water and fertilizer costs by retaining beneficial nutrients in the root zone. The porous structure of this natural zeolite mineral helps to keep the soil aerated and moist, as well as, promoting a healthy biological environment in the soil. ZeoMax® is not acidic, but marginally alkaline, and its use with fertilizers can help buffer soil pH levels, thus reducing the need for lime application. Helps hold and slowly release valuable plant nutrients Helps reduce watering by retaining soil moisture Improves aeration of the soil and minimizes compaction Improves strong root development Is stable in the soil and ecologically safe. Supports beneficial microbe activity in the soil

Manufacturer's Description

eoMax® Garden Aid is a naturally occurring mineral containing a cage-like structure which may help promote plant growth by enhancing nutrient availability, soil conditioning, and improving soil moisture holding capacity.ZeoMax® is a clinoptilolite zeolite that is best suited for use in agricultural applications due to its’ relatively high absorption rate, cation exchange, catalysis, and dehydration capacities.