Registration Date 10 Oct 2016

Taiyo See-through Solar


Renewable Energies Solar Cells Product Number : KNT46

Solar Cell


Electricity generation


Dual functions of New Energy ( Electric power generation) and Energy Savings ( reduction of Air Conditioning/Lighting loads ) greatly reduce overall energy costs. TSS is effective in curbing the generation of CO2, and enhances the value of your building as an environmentally friendly facility. TSS provides a space that distributes daylight comfortably. It changes the sun fs rays into delicately diffused light by transmitting light moderately,and reduces intrusion of heat from the sunall this while maintaining exterior views. Multifunctional, effective, comfortable seethrough glass. UV rays, which are hazardous to the human body as well as interior furnishings, will be cut almost completely. Moreover, TSS boasts shatterproof performance against incoming objects and high penetrability resistance from all types of impact. TSS has superior functional advantages over other glass products. It is a multifunctional glass which has both energy generation and energy saving functions.

Thermal stability Transparency UV Protection Environmentally Friendly

Manufacturer's Description

TSS(Taiyo See-through Solar) is a high performance glass which can generate infinite and clean electric power through photovoltaics. Moreover, the glass functions as a heat shield preventing excessive solar heat gain.TSS is a new building material that strikes a balance between environment friendliness and a high level of comfort to building occupants.TSS is a prime example of a futuristic technology available today.