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Renewable Energies Solar Cells Product Number : FLEX-02 340W

Solar Cell


Electricity generation


Lightweight: Less than 2.4 kg/m2 (<0.5 lb/ft2 ). Because FLEX—02 modules are so much lighter than rigid silicon panels mounted using heavy racks or rails, they are the best solution for building structures with low dead load and environmential load limitationssuch as snowas well as other structures such as trucks and autos. Powerful: MiaSolé FLEX modules are the highest effi ciency fl exible thin-fi lm CIGS modules in production today, with aperture effi ciencies up to 17%, for the most power generation per square meter. Easy to Install: MiaSolé FLEX modules use peel—and—stick application. This eliminates penetrations into the structure, reducing the chance of leaks; allows for installation on surfaces such as autos, trucks and RVs where racks would not be feasible; and lowers the balance—of—systems (BOS) costs and complexity when mounting on rooftops. Flexible: MiaSolé FLEX modules conform to curved surfaces, enabling solar power generation on surfaces not suited to traditional rigid silicon panels. Resistant to Natural Disasters: MiaSolé modules are thin (2.5mm) and adhere directly to surfaces, providing excellent wind and seismic resistance. Th e modules are also shatterproof, and won't break if struck by debris

Flexibility Lightweight High durable

Manufacturer's Description

The MiaSolé cell is produced by depositing the CIGS film on a thin stainless steel sheet. The sheet is then cut into cell form, covered with the Ultrawire interconnect, and tested. The result is the most unique cell architecture in the industry.
Not only is it the highest efficiency thin film cell, it is lightweight, flexible, low cost, and the shape can be modified to fit any form factor.