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Flexible solar panel 140w


Renewable Energies Solar Cells

Solar Cell


Electricity generation


Sun Power Semi-flexible solar panel 140w IP 67 Flexible Solar panel Semi-Flexible Solar Lightweight and flexible Solar panel

Flexibility Waterproof

Manufacturer's Description

High efficiency flexible waterproof 140W monocrystalline solar panel is perfect for permanent outdoor use to provide free electricity for charging 12V batteries to power various applications, such as in a motorhome, caravan, camper, boat, or for solar lighting systems, off-grid and back up solar power systems, and complete household solar power systems. 

1. Its maximum bending radius of 30 ° and a thickness of only 4mm;

2. Suitable for curved surface like the deck of a boat or the roof of an RV .

3. With proper installation it is suitable to run over it.

4. Assembly is easy to realize itself with the kit available in our shop or through the 4 connection holes in the corners of the panel .

5. All our flexible solar panels are made up of Class A high efficiency Sunpower cells. These cells reach their high efficiency including through the metal contacts. Moving from the front to the rear and by the broadening of the contacts , there is less loss power .

6. Solar Extension Cable 0.9m and MC4 connectors .