Registration Date 1 Jan 2014

Titanium Dioxide for Plastic


Product Number : VK-T03


1.The product can be used as Sun Protective plastic including sporting goods, outdoor equipment, textile, carpet est. 2. The product can be applied in the field of antimicrobial plastic such as children toys, food cling wrap film, package bags, electric apparatus, furniture, tableware, public facility. 3. The product also can be used for Easy Degraded plastic: disposable chopsticks and lunch boxes, plastic bags, disposable films, Agricultural Films
Plastics Electronics Sporting goods Agriculture


1.The product has a good property of absorption of UVA and UVB,protects plastic from damaging by sun lights, will help to avoid plastic breaking up, fading, degrading under lights. 2.The product can improve strength, tenacity ,heat-resistant, impacting resistance, high-temperature resistant and ant oxidizing in high-temperature to many times. 3.The product can effectively improve the property of UV-ray shield, Antistatic, Tensile strength resistance of plastic. 4.The surface of plastic film has an excellent effect of self-cleaning. 5.The product also have a excellent impact of killing bacteria.

Anti-bacterial Activity Chemical Stability Self-cleaning UV Protection