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Solar Panel SW-20163


Renewable Energies Solar Cells

Solar Cell


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Titanium dioxide

TiO2 Nanoparticle /Nanopowder CAS Number : 13463-67-7


100% sea- & saltwater resistant Non-Glass-module with unbreakable Nowoflon foil Light-weight mounting plate made from aluminium sandwich, powder-coated white Cable output screwed, sealed and utterly water proof, with strain relief at the cable outlet Crystalline cells of highest performance class for maximum power Ultraflat module construction (5mm), at cable output max. 16mm Connection cable of 3m length On the side, the laminate overhangs the mounting plate by approx. 5mm for a maximum of corrosion protection Rounded corners to prevent risk of injuries Structured surface reduces slip risks when wet 100% maintenance-free, self-cleaning surface Installation: without rear ventilation because modules are equipped with 39 or 40 cells Walkable when installed on a solid surface (using boat shoes) Modules can be slightly bent till max. 3% (3cm/1 meter) 3 years warranty on power output SW-20146 SW

Salt Resistance Self-cleaning Lightweight

Manufacturer's Description

The solar module SW 20185 is designed for larger solar systems. The powerful 100Wp module is designed for 12V systems, but can be used in serial connection at 24V systems. Depending on the irradiation, the module supplies a charging current of up to 5,75A. 
The modules of the series-20 are significantly lighter, more compact and more powerful become compared to previous models. The high-performance solar cells are protected in an EVA laminate and ETFE coatings against weathering. Even in diffused light conditions or even in winter, the modules produce a high charging current. 
The modules of the series-20 have a front-side cable cap. The right of the cable terminal there is a possibility to stick through the cable. 
All modules can be screwed, glued or attached with clips. The cable has a length of 3m. The more powerful modules are connected with a cell protector, which is connected to the end of the cable. 
In the module package there are white screw rosettes for countersunk screws. It prevents damage of the module laminate by the screw head.The carrier material is an aluminum sandwich core. By the new core material the cells are perfectly supported and protected. The solar module adapts to curved surfaces, with maximum curvature of 3cm/m module length. 
The modules are designed for the harsh marine and salt water use. The cable outlet is screwed to the mounting plate, completely sealed and 100% saltwater proof. By hermetic encapsulation cells and carrier plate are themselves well protected against the aggressive saltwater. In the solar industry, the solar cell has prevailed with 156mm x 156mm edge length in recent years. So far, our basic cell was 100mm x 100mm in size. To also be able to process the most powerful cells in the future, we have adjusted all module formats to the current cell formats while reducing the dimensions to an absolute minimum. 
Please note that the power output of solar modules depends directly from the light intensity - not heat - and has seasonally strong fluctuations. For optimal performance, the module should be oriented as possible perpendicular to the sun and partial shade should be avoided.