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Renewable Energies Solar Cells Product Number : PVL144T-PC2

Solar Cell


NPD Conjectured

Titanium dioxide

TiO2 Nanoparticle /Nanopowder CAS Number : 13463-67-7


UNI-SOLAR ® technology, established in the market since 20 years, is confirmed by testing university and companies specialists, as well as by many plants installed meanwhile. From this we have many output benefits: • High energy due to very low temperature coefficient and high efficiency even at low radiation (cloudy sky ) • Stability of performance all along • No glass (this prevents the occurrence of corrosion inside the module) • resistance to the atmospheric agents : UNI-SOLAR ® laminates are resistant to wind and hail • Modules are self-cleaning: thanks to the low frictional resistance of the textured surface that minimizes the accumulation of impurities and dirt • Module texture and the anti-reflective coating increases light absorption • Lightweight: specific weight of 3.6 kg modules / sqm, with a profile about 10 kg / m • Front surface made of ETFE - Tefzel ® ( high optical transmittance fabric granting best sunlight absorption) • Production of low environmental impact: UNI-SOLAR ® laminates are produced according to low temperatures of energy efficiency • Safety: module mechanical lock allows excellent protection against vandalism and stealing compared to traditional installed modules • Highly bankable • Minimum power rating is guaranteed into three ranges: 92% in the first 10 years; 84% for the first 20 years and 80% for 25 years from the date of sale

Anti-reflective Self-cleaning Thermal stability Lightweight

Manufacturer's Description

The reliability of the UNI-SOLAR ® brand known for over 20 years in the field, Sunerg UNI-SOLAR ® modules are easily financed by credit institutions, opening  new investment opportunities to all those who wish to produce clean energy through the use photovoltaic systems.Sunerg Solar thin film photovoltaic products with UNI-SOLAR ® technology are made up of special solar cells in amorphous silicon (thickness 1 micron), encapsulated in a stabilized polymer against ultraviolet rays.Each PV module uses the exclusive triple-junction solar cell with thin-film silicon, in which the component blue, green and red spectrum of sunlight is absorbed by different layers present. This ability to split is the key to greater productivity, especially at lower levels of solar radiation and diffuse light.
Test performance all over the world have verified the superior capacity of electrical output of UNI-SOLAR modules compared to   crystalline modules or new other technologies. Bypass diodes connected to each cell allow modules to produce electricity even if partially  shadowy or dirty.UNI SOLAR best characteristic is greater production in electric power per KWp with   power range from 5% to 25% compared to crystalline.The modules are resistant to the elements, can be stepped on, no glass, very light (3.5 kg/m2), and in the same time unbreakable ; with an exceptional performance and durability.This technology provides a lower loss of efficiency at high temperatures.Sunerg Solar manufactures the finished product using the system in thin-film UNI-SOLAR ® through bonding on various metal surfaces.It is possible to  replace and / or lay down  module on the existing structural elements: industrial buildings roofs, facades, large windows, vaults, car shelter ,  roofing,  farm roofing, greenhouses for crops, no exceptions!