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Titanium dioxide

TiO2 Nanoparticle /Nanopowder CAS Number : 13463-67-7


Reflecting surfaces and surface contamination have an unwanted effectfor the Photovoltaic: valuable light is lost for power production. A glass pane behaves like a water surface.The lower the angle of the radiation, the more light is reflected; under an angle of 45 degrees appr. completely. Since the sun cannot be fixed to one point, and it is not always possible to optimize the alignment of the solar panels (not every roof area points to the south), Bluenergy has developed a polymer foil, made with a micro structure that catches the incident light from all angles, and is self-cleaning (Lotus flower effect). All Bluenergy products have these specifications. This is an essential and unique advantage, because conventional cells need to be cleaned on a yearly basis in order to maintain the efficiency.This complex and expensive procedure is avoided with the Bluenergy modules. The electrification of the Transrapid train with solar energy was a task, which represented a large challenge. Conventional photovoltaic modules with a glass body could not withstand the enormous over and under pressure produced by the over 400 km/h trains. For this and other applications, Bluenergy has developed a completely new module, whose carrier is made from a perforated, stainless high-grade steel plate (V2A sheet metal) - practically indestructible, and once again - unique in the world.The developed procedure can be applied to many other materials i.e. plastics. This opens completely new application possibilities for further product groups such as Carports for solar cars, power supply for ships etc.


Manufacturer's Description

An important aspect during the product development of Bluenergy is, aside from the technical requirements, an attractive appearance.
Especially in the private use of photovoltaic systems, many owners of houses are deterred by the ugly solar panels.Those who do not want to disguise their house as Voyager 2, so far only had the alternative to do without alternatives.
For this reason Bluenergy developed a mini solar panel in co-operation with a roofing tile manufacturer, which can be simply clipped into the respective roof shingles.The panels are already supplied with wires and can be easily attached by the roofer.
We offer roofing tiles in different colors and forms, including aluminium roofing elements.The results are spectacular. No more excuses for homeowners.